Walker Books 2022

Clouds gather skies darken, rain drops, puddles appear… Let’s go puddling! Pull on your wellies and button up your coats for this playful, interactive story all about children delighting in the joy of splish-splash-sploshing in muddy puddles with their friends, and cherishing snuggles on the sofa afterwards. Emma Perry’s debut on the Walker list encapsulates the joy of being outside whatever the weather, and is paired perfectly with Claire Alexander’s watercolour artwork to recreate splashing puddles and raindrops!




The Think-Ups!
Walker Books 2022

Sometimes all you need is your imagination… It’s a rainy day, and Anna and Kiki are stuck indoors, wondering what to play next. Suddenly, Kiki has an idea for a new game. “All you have to do,” she explains, “is think up a Think-Up and it will appear!” And she thinks up … BUNNIES! Then they conjure up the most marvellous, magnificent MOOSE! And octopi! And nine HUNGRY koalas! Hmm … is it possible to UN-think a Think-Up? With half-cut pages that make for funny surprises at every turn, this is a fresh celebration of imaginary play for the youngest of children.


A Little Bit of Respect
Happy Yak 2022

In this follow-up to the A Little Bit Different and A Little Bit of Courage, the Ploofers are back for a heartwarming exploration of self-awareness and respect. The Ploofers are visiting a new island and are excited to meet the residents. But when one islander singles out Little One as an adorable cutie pie, Little One isn’t happy and becomes frustrated with the way he is being treated. Will Little One learn to be assertive and stand up for himself? With simple, striking illustrations and a cutaway cover design that adds tactile interest, A Little Bit of Respect picks up right where A Little Bit of Courage left off. With a subtle yet powerful message about the importance of self-respect and respecting others, this book will resonate with children and adults alike.

A Little Bit of Courage
Happy Yak 2021

In this follow-up to the beloved picture book A Little Bit Different, the Ploofers are back for a heartwarming exploration of fear and finding courage. The Ploofers have just learnt a valuable lesson in celebrating differences and trying new things. They’ve been practising something very special again and this time it requires extra teamwork… But Little One is too scared to go on this new adventure. Will some kind and encouraging words from Toasty help him find a little bit of courage?

With simple, striking illustrations and a cutaway cover design that adds tactile interest, A Little Bit of Courage picks up right where A Little Bit Different left off. With a subtle yet powerful message on overcoming anxiety and finding the courage to live life to its fullest, this book will resonate with children and adults alike.

A Little Bit Different
Words and Pictures 2019

A Little Bit Different is a light and fun story depicting the journey from ignorance to acceptance and celebration. Meet the ploofers. The ploofers have been practicing something special which they all want to do at the exact same time – but wait! What’s that? One of them does something different! When one little ploofer goes against the usual flow of things, the rest of them turn their backs on him. But all it takes is for one person to recognise the beauty in being different to spark a change in attitude of everyone. With simple, yet striking, illustrations and a cutaway cover design that adds tactile interest, A Little Bit Different is a joyful reading experience for both you and your child, providing the opportunity to spark more meaningful discussions about people’s differences and how we accept and value them.

Humperdink Our Elephant Friend
Words and Pictures 2019

When Humperdink the baby elephant joins the children’s playgroup, he seems friendly enough, but it soon becomes clear that he’s not very good at the usual games the children play, like dressing up or hide-and-seek. When he breaks the children’s favourite slide, everyone feels sad. But with a little patience and understanding the children soon discover that Humperdink is good at some things – especially if they use their imaginations – leading to a riotously fun conclusion. A delightful picture book with endearing artwork and a humorous story to engage young readers and help them gain an understanding about those different from themselves. This title helps children learn the key skill of playing with and accepting new friends, whatever their size, shape… or species! Exploring themes of empathy and imaginative play, this title is a must-have for young readers seeking to understand the world around them.

gmail imageSnowbear by Sean Taylor
Words & Pictures 2017

New York Times ‘rides the edge between reality and magic with gentle aplomb…free-spirited art makes the magic feel quite possible’

Snow comes in the night, and Iggy and Martina make a snowbear. A sledge ride takes them deep into the woods, but how will they get back home again? Stunning artwork of wintry scenes bring the story to life as you venture deep into the snowy woods on sledge ride with Iggy and Martina. A spellbinding story about friendship, loyalty, bravery and the magic of snow that will be a winter family favourite to enjoy each year when the temperature drops.


Best Bit of Daddcover 1y’s Day
Egmont 2016

‘A heartwarming father/son story with a familiar school setting – the perfect gift for Father’s Day. Bertie wants to drive trucks and diggers, just like his daddy. But today there’s a special surprise waiting for him at school that might mean that Bertie’s day and Daddy’s day won’t be so different . . . A touching story about a very special bond.’


cover smMonkey and the Little One
Egmont 2015

Shortlisted for the 2015 Junior Design Awards and listed as one of the top ten best new picture books of 2015 by the Independent Book Sellers Association.

‘Monkey lives a quiet life, all alone in the jungle. That is, until a visitor arrives who makes himself right at home. But can Monkey and the Little One ever get along? A heart-warming tale of friendship and the power of jam sandwiches.


millie_1Millie Shares
Egmont 2014

Millie has a very special toy called Monkey. She won’t let anyone play with him, not even her best friend Lily. In fact, she won’t let anyone play with any of the toys at nursery until she realises that it’s no fun playing all by yourself… Buy this book



knew_1That’s When I Knew
Gullane Children’s Books 2013

All the family loves the new baby. But Poppy isn’t sure. Her baby brother just sleeps and eats and cries and cries! But one night, his crying suddenly stops: Poppy’s baby brother reaches out to her, and holding him close, she realises something very special…  A sincere and tender celebration of sibling love.



back_1Back to Front and Upside Down
Gullane Children’s Books 2012

Winner of the Schneider Family Book Award from the American Libraries Association, 2013. Winner of the Paterson Prize for Continued Excellence in Children’s Literature, 2013

Alfie doesn’t like writing. His letters come out back to front and upside down. And he certainly can’t tell Miss Catnip – everyone will laugh at him. But today, as the class write cards for a special occasion, will he finally find the courage to voice his fears?

This warm classroom story will encourage and empower every child.

“Wonderfully relatable” Henry Winkler, OBE, Co-founder, My Way! Campaign



Lost in the Snow
Gullane Children’s Books 2010

“Which way?” asked Fern. Benny didn’t know. “We are lost!” Playing in the snow is so much fun that the two little fox cubs wander far from their den. Can bold Benny find the way back? Or will it be timid Fern who leads them home to Mummy? An enchanting winter story about overcoming your fears and finding your inner strength.


flor_1Small Florence
Gullane Children’s Books 2009

Short listed for the 2010 Mad About Books Stockport Schools Book Award.

When Small Florence’s cruel sisters lose their nerve on stage during a singing competition, the judges discover something special – a beautiful voice singing from the crowd…Small Florence!


lucy_coverLucy and the Bully
Gullane Children’s Books 2008

Winner of the Paterson Prize for Books for Young People, 2009.

Lucy loves everything about nursery – except for Tommy, who is a bully. He stamps on her sculpture, breaks her pencils then warns her not to tell – or else! But with a little help from Lucy’s mum, Tommy is more than ready to turn over a new leaf. A touching tale about learning to deal with bullying.