Picture Flow Sketching

picture flow sketch-togethers

Are you an illustrator looking to regularly boost your portfolio with exciting new art-works to keep commissions flowing in?

Join me on my free, monthly online meet-up’s in 2023.

  • – Connect with other like-minded creatives
  • – Get motivated with prompts designed to inspire unique ideas
  • – Make ideas drawing a consistent, fun, sociable event in your calendar!


I’ll deliver the prompts and we’ll sketch quick illustrative brainstorms, followed by an optional show of scribbles and a chat at the end. You can post sketches and worked-up artwork on social media if you wish under #PictureFlow


Where & When will Picture Flow Sketch-Togethers take place?

Usually on the first Wednesday of each month at noon, lasting between 30-45 minutes. They will be held on Zoom so they can be interactive, supportive and fun! So grab a sandwich and your art materials and get ready to draw!

2024 Dates: 10th Jan, 7th Feb, 6th Mar, 1st May (at 11am), 5th June (at 11am), 3rd July, 4th Sept, 2nd Oct, 6th Nov, 4th Dec.
*Please note there will be no Picture Flow Sketch-Togethers in April and August.


Who are Picture Flow Sessions for?

I write and illustrate picture books for children, but these sessions are open to all types of illustrators who would like a bit of consistent inspiration and motivation.


How do I Join the Meetings?

Just subscribe to my monthly newsletter here to receive a Zoom link each month.

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What can I do now?

Share this page with your creative friends and invite them to subscribe!

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