Mentoring Service

I offer specialised Picture Book mentoring tailored to whatever stage of development you find yourself at. Whether you have written a story and require some feedback, need a portfolio review to establish direction, want to develop your own illustration style further, or if you’re already published and need help getting out of an artistic rut. I can advise on all aspects of creating picture books, from writing and illustration practice to self-marketing and approaching publishers. For complete beginners I recommend my Introduction to Creating Picture Books, I run online at The House of Illustration.

How It works

A mentoring session consists of a 60 minute meeting via Zoom  Prior to the meeting you will email me examples of work you’d like feedback on. A session costs £89.

In one meeting I’ll identify your unique strengths and pin point the areas you need to work in to achieve your own ambitions and goals. You may need just one portfolio review, or a cluster of sessions where I can set work to deadlines you are comfortable with, support your development, and keep you motivated.


I contacted Claire as I needed help with organising my portfolio, but I can genuinely say that her tutorial exceeded any expectations that I could have had. Claire helped me analyse the work produced over the last year and during my studies at the MA in Children’s book illustration. Her words were incredibly transformative; they left me inspired to do the heavy lifting and change not only my website portfolio but to look at my work in the context of the publishing industry. She identified my strengths and the places to improve. She showed me new ways to look at my work objectively, constantly checking back on what I think about my practice and how I see my drawings, the technique I use, and my career goals. Being mindful helped me trust that Claire could provide me with the right advice, as she truly made an effort to understand my work as a beginner. She is not only a very experienced children’s book author and tutor but a great coach; she also ensured that I got the key messages by the end of our session. An absolutely HUGE thanks, Claire!
Angela Vives

Claire mentored me whilst I was a mentee on the Pathways into Publishing programme.  She spent time learning about me and where I wanted to be in my career and this helped to give our conversations focused direction. My mentoring sessions with her were always extremely thought provoking and I walked away from them with fresh perspective and confidence in my work. Under her guidance, I was able to progress my drawing skills and I also became much more knowledgeable of the children’s book industry and how to deliver successful projects. Claire continuously gave me excellent advice based on her experience as a published illustrator and I’ve continued to apply what I’ve learned from her to my projects. I’m in a much better place with my illustration work because of her support and I’m very grateful to have been mentored by her.
Nami Ralph


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