Mentoring Service

I offer specialised Picture Book mentoring tailored to whatever stage of development you find yourself at. Whether you have written a story and require some feedback, need a portfolio review to establish direction, want to develop your own illustration style further, or if you’re already published and need help getting out of an artistic rut. I can advise on all aspects of creating picture books, from writing and illustration practice to self-marketing and approaching publishers. For complete beginners I recommend my Introduction to Creating Picture Books course I now also run online at The House of Illustration.

How It works

A mentoring session consists of a 60 minute meeting via Facetime, Zoom or Skype. Prior to the meeting you will email me examples of work you’d like feedback on. A session costs £89.

In one meeting I’ll identify your unique strengths and pin point the areas you need to work in to achieve your own ambitions and goals. You may need just one portfolio review, or a cluster of sessions where I can set work to deadlines you are comfortable with, support your development, and keep you motivated.

Please email me if you would like to book a session: